About Us

All our products are made with high quality raw materials in our factory, and all our suppliers are approved and qualified according ISO 9001 standard.

Our PVC is compounding and made in our factory. In developing machinery is used, rows and gauges designed and made by highly skilled manufacturers, who apply the latest technological developments and contribute to ensure the quality of extruded profiles.

In this factory, all products PVC may undergo a regeneration process. The new material obtained is used to produce a second generation of profiles. Thus, Mocaplas contributes to the environment protection.

Our aluminum slate is made with aluminum strip with the appropriate thickness and PU thermo- acoustic insulation in high precision machines. This ensures the quality and a good operation of our products.

All our extruded aluminum profiles are made with the ideal alloy for every application and under the highest quality standards for ensure a durable and quality product.

All this, together a human team highly qualified and a extensive sales network enables that we are able to offer quality products adapted to any market.